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Our Store

For over 65 years, Austin’s Beverage has been Collegeville’s destination for quality selection, good prices, and trusted recommendations. From beer (6-packs, cases, to kegs) to soda, snacks and alcohol slushies, ice and propane tanks, we have everything that you need for your next

Beer & Kegs

From national brands, international favorites, to local craft beers, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a 6-pack, case, or a keg, we’ve got an unbeatable selection.

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Soda & Water

From soda, sparkling water, to water cases, we’ve got whatever you need. Find good prices and a great selection for your next get together.

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We have bags of ice for you to buy. Available in 7lb and 20lb bags. Come into the store to grab your favorite items and buy the ice.

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Pretzels, smoked meat sticks, beef jerky, nuts, chips… you name it! We’ve got an amazing selection of snacks to go with your favorite drinks.

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Hard Slushies

That perfect blend of vodka and fruit flavoring makes a treat that’s refreshing after a hard day. Stop by and try all of our flavors!

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Grill running a little low on propane? When you stop by to get you’re favorite drinks, pick up a new propane tank. You can trade your old one in for a new tank.

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